Classes at Mania

Mania Training Facility offers the following classes.  If you these classes do not meet your specific needs, please visit our private lessons page for classes that can be tailored to an individuals skill/ability.


Level 1 Tumble

  • Mini 1 Age 6,7, 8
  • Youth 1 Age 9,10,11
  • Junior 1 Age 12,13,14

New to tumbling? Level 1 Tumble is the class for you. Here you will learn the basics of tumbling. These classes are for those cheerleaders who would like to learn and/or work on forward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and back walkovers. Come perfect and improve your skills.


Level 1/ 2 Tumble

Once you have mastered the basics, come join us for our transition Level 1/2 Class. This is not for beginners! Here you will be able to learn and perfect your standing back handspring and round-off back handspring, as well as learning various techniques to progress all of your tumbling.


Level 3, 4, & 5 Tumble

Conquered it all? Want to be the best of the best? If so, Levels 3,4, &  5 are for you. Come excel your tumbling skills, learn or improve standing tucks, round-off tucks, round-off back handspring tucks/layouts/fulls, specialty passes and beyond.


Flyer/Stunt Class

Want to learn how to fly/base or back spot? Get to the next level or learn a new stunting position? Learn from the basics all the way to advanced skills with our experienced instructors. This class gives the athlete an opportunity to work on her strength and body control to help safely execute the skills needed for cheerleading.



A fun, high energy class will incorporate a circuit of exercises that enhance and strengthen your CORE.  Great for ALL cheerleaders who want to improve their tumbling, stunting, and jumping ability.  Get the six pack you always wanted doing what you love! Jumps are an essential part of cheerleading. Here you will be able to work on all types of jumps and get guidance from our instructors on how to improve your approach, height, and flexibility.


Back Handspring Class

This special class focuses on teaching beginner to intermediate students how to properly and safely do a back handspring.  Strength, endurance, and flexibility are the core of this class, giving students the tools they need to safely obtain the back handspring and skills beyond. In addition to just the handspring, standing tumble, tucks, layouts, and running tumble will all be taught in the sequence of difficulty. We do not simply spot handsprings but focus on building upper body and arm strength necessary for many of these skills


Open Gym

Open Gym is a great time to come in and work on your skills.  Build your own stunt group, use our equipment, and push yourself to get to the next level!!  THIS IS NOT A CLASS!  Bring friends and work on what you want!!  Our staff will be here to guide you and help make sure you are using the proper technique!