Mania Lite

What is the Mania LITE program?

Mania LITE is an intro to cheer program open to athletes ages 6-15. Participants will learn tumbling skills as well as perfect their cheer technique! Teams are based on age and cheer position. These athletes will learn a 2-minute routine filled with stunts, tumbling, jumps and choreography to be performed at a local showcase in May. Starting this October, tuition includes one team practice a week and one weekly tumbling class.


Here at Mania, we want our athletes working on team skill building, core strength, having fun and character development through good sportsmanship. We invite EVERYONE interested in joining this great program instructed by our ALL STAR Coaches! You will learn ALL STAR routine choreography, and building lasting friendships with other determined athletes from all over the tri-state area!



Q: How is this different than your All Star Cheer Program?
A: Ease of Commitment is one of the features of this Intro to Cheer Program! If you have always been curious about cheer, this is the program for you!


Q: How old do you have to be?
A: This season, we are looking for children ages 6-15 years old.


Q: What if you don’t have cheer experience?
A: Great! We can teach you what you need to know.


Q: How is this different than my recreational program or high school program?
A: You will have access to our outstanding training and facility, which we believe is the safest and most progressive in the NY area. You will also be able to meet kids from outside of your town and experience new relationships.


Q: What will I learn?
A: MANIA LITE teams will learn competitive cheer routines in a non-competitive atmosphere. Teams will also learn basic cheer and tumbling skills throughout their practice sessions.


Q: When can I join?
A: We will be accepting enrollments for this upcoming season starting October 2017.


Q: How do I sign up?
A: Click here to fill out our form. Once you love it, we can sign you up using our all-access Membership program.


Q: What if I love my experience and want more?
A: There are many athletes that take the next step into All Star Cheer after their MANIA LITE experience. Tryouts for Mania ALL STAR CHEER teams will be announced during the Mania Lite season. Athletes who are interested in honing their skills before Tryouts are welcome to speak with their Coach once dates are announced.