Q:  Why should I choose Cheermania All-Stars?

A:  Cheermania All-Stars is a family owned and operated all-star cheer program.  Our coaches provide comprehensive training in all of the necessary components of cheer.  Our coaches are knowledgeable as well as NCA, USASF, & AACCA certified. They focus on training our athletes with proper progressions and techniques in a fun, safe & structured atmosphere.


Q:  What makes Cheermania All-Stars unique?

A:  Cheermania All-Stars prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the cheer industry.  Below are just a few examples of how we are different from the rest:

  • Fully equipped facility including a competition spring floor, 40’ tumble track, Air conditioning for the summer, heat for the winter.
  • Organization and communication
  • Disciplined & structured practice sessions
  • We include tumbling as a part of our program


Q:  How will my athlete benefit from being a part of the Cheermania family?

A:  At Cheermania we focus on training ALL of our athletes and teams equally regardless of level.  All of our athletes are valuable assets to the growth and strength of our program and deserve the same training at all ages and levels. Additionally, we strive to instill teamwork, positive attitudes, discipline, and self-confidence in all of our athletes.  These traits not only build up successful athletes but also provide a strong basis to help them succeed in all areas of their lives both now and in future endeavors.


Q:  How long is the all-star season?

A:  All-star cheer runs year round.  We begin with tryouts in May and practice throughout the summer to build team bonds, work skills and get ready for choreography.  Competitions begin in December and end in April or May.


Q:  What if the full year commitment is not an option for me?

A:  If the commitment of full year all-star cheer is not for you, we do have a half year program designed to provide athletes the all-star cheer experience from November through April. Registration for these teams begins in October.


Q:  How many times will my athlete be expected to practice?

A:  Your athlete will participate in a total of 2 practices weekly as well as a 1-hour tumbling class.  Multiple class options are available for the different skill levels.

Q:  I see I need to sign my athlete up for a tumbling class. Why and how much more will that cost me?

A:  In an effort to allow athletes to progress their tumbling during the season we have established tumbling classes for them to attend.  Athletes need to sign up for a tumbling class at their current tumbling level.  The goal is to allow the athletes to work to progress their tumbling skills to the next level. These classes are a part of the monthly tuition and will not cost you anything additional.


Q:  What exactly will I be expected to pay for throughout the course of a season?

Full Year pricing: June – May
  • Registration Fee: $180 includes USASF Athlete Fee
  • Tuition: $290/month (July to May)
  • Practice Gear: $240.00
  • Bow: $25
  • Uniform: $400  (Seniors) $385 (Juniors/Youth)
  • Warm ups: TBD
Half Year pricing: December – May
  • Registration Fee: $180 includes USASF Athlete Fee
  • Tuition: $245/month (October to May)
  • Practice Gear: $240
  • Bow: $25
  • Uniform: $150


Q:  Will I be expected to pay all of the above fees at the beginning of the season?

A:  Absolutely not.  We are fully aware that costs of competitive cheer can be expensive and work to spread the costs throughout the season to make it easier for you.


Q:  Are fundraising opportunities available to help defray some of the costs?

A:  We do have a fundraising program that is dedicated to helping families fundraise throughout the year to help pay for some of the costs for cheer.  There are gym-wide as well as team specific fundraising opportunities.